Hi there, I’m Chris


I’d like to tell you something about myself, a biologist with focus on tropical ecology & biodiversity who works with tropical bats, was born and lives in the sometimes really cold but beautiful Germany and is a passionate photographer of nature and wildlife.

Christian SchmidNaturigraphy

Biologist & Wildifephotographer

My name is Christian Schmid and I grew up in Ulm in southern Germany. I’ve always been curious about nature and animals, but when I got my first camera, I was thrilled about it. Unfortunately, I kind of lost sight of that, but as soon as I finished school, it inevitably came through again while I was travelling for one year around the world to find out what to do with life. I started to study biology and from that moment on I always had this inner, constantly growing urge to discover and record world’s beauty.

A significant event of my life happened when I had the opportunity to live and study one year in one of the most diverse and green countries in the world, a country that would change my perspective and made me discover how far my passion for nature and wildlifephotography really goes: Costa Rica.

As a biologist it’s my personal concern to raise awareness and inform a bit about our environment and biodiversity as what we want to preserve, first we need to know about.

Pura Vida

My first international recognition was in 2016, when my photo “Don’t Touch!” was awarded highly commended in the GDT European Wildlife-Photographer of the Year. I was unbelievable happy and proud of myself, but decided that this shall be just the beginning.

Right now I’m preparing an exposition with the title “Costa Rica – Natures Paradise” that will be showcased in the Botanical Garden of Ulm. This foto exhibition will not only contain a selection of my works from Costa Rica but will also give young and old the opportunity to learn something about wildlife, ecosystems, biodiversity and conservation. Here you can find some more information.

I would love to have you over for a visit.

GDT - European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016Special Commended

„Don’t Touch“